Saturday, February 13, 2010

Grocery clerk programmer

So I was recruiting for a software developer recently. I think it was the front-end / UX developer role for a small but innovative interactive company and this guy emails me his resume. I take a look and it looks decent so I give him a call.

Anyway, long story short:

Me - "So what's your salary requirement?"

- "What does this position pay?"

Me - "Well, there's a range... depends on your skills and fit. How about a ball park?"

- "I have 3 years of experience and am a perfect fit...I have all the skills you've mentioned to me"

Me - "That's interesting. So how about we don't play games and just get to it. I don't want to waste your time or mine. Just give me a ball park and I'll let you know if we're close."


Me - "I don't think the position is going to pay that high....doesn't look like a good fit"

-"What is it paying?"

Me - "Well, I think they wanted to pay in the $60-70k range for the right person"

-"I'll take $70k"

---We talk some more and eventually I end the conversation by telling him he's probably not the right fit. Also, in the conversation I learn that he's been a grocery clerk for the past 3 years. I didn't realize his resume was depicting part-time work and in fact he didn't really even have as much experience as he had advertised himself to have. Needless to say we didn't move forwward.

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